Aromatherapy for Babies & Children

At the workshop we explore the exciting realm of aromatherapy for Children. We look at aromatherapy as a viable complementary "medication" for preventive health care for your child.

We will show how you could use soothing blends of essential plant oils to ward off many of these simple ailments, from colds and coughs, tummy aches and pains, sleeplessness, cuts and scrapes or ear aches. For instance Eucalyptus essential oil works well as a remedy for respiratory illnesses, while Lavender and Chamomile are effective for a range of skin problems including eczema. When essential oils such as these are dabbed on a child's pillow, inhaled or used in a gentle massage, the effect is both therapeutic and relaxing.

This workshop will be very useful to parents, particularly mothers and would cover the following areas

Day One (1/2 day)

  • Definition Of Aromatherapy
  • Essential oils and methods of extraction
  • Quality and storage of essential oils
  • Therapeutic Qualities of Essential oils
  • Methods of using essential oils
  • Mixing and blending making your own creams, oils, lotions, bath foams etc.
  • Properties and the therapeutic use of 10 essential oils

Day Two (1/2 day)

  • Common childhood ailments and the use of essential oil
  • Carriers
  • Practicals on mixing and blending
  • Massage theory and its benefits
  • Simple massage movements for babies and children

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