Reflexology Diploma course


Reflexology cannot easily be defined simply from its name, as can many other therapies, e.g., psychology, aromatherapy, etc. It may partly be due to this that reflexology is also known by other more easily explained terms, such as 'zone therapy', compression massage' and 'pressure point therapy'.

In China where reflexology is said to have originated it has been used for thousands of years to diagnose, treat and balance the bodily systems and their related organs. The 'meridian lines systems' in acupuncture and acupressure is one example and the 'zones system' in press point therapy or reflexology is another. Reflexology is one of the few therapies, which bring relief through remote application. It relaxes the whole body and mind, and is therefore invaluable as a release from tension-the world's most popular 'disease' at this time.

Our Diploma course is spread over six days. The exam at the end of the course is by practical assessment and theory paper.

Reflexology Diploma includes:

  • History of reflexology
  • How reflexology works - treatments and benefits
  • Contra-indications to reflexology and client assessment
  • Zones and cross-reflexes
  • Foot disorders
  • Medical liaison and referral
  • The reflexology treatment and after care

The course is assessed by

  • 20 hours of case studies
  • Continuous assessment

Pre Requisite - Anatomy and Physiology ( This could be done via the Distance Learning Programme with Penny Price aromatherapy UK )

Duration Date Time Course Fees
42 Hours
    07th to 29th May - Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
9 am – 1 pm Rs. 75,000/-
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