Kemara Natural & Organic Health and Beauty Care range

Kemara formulations are a fusion of Aromatherapy, Herbalisam and the Chinese five elements theory. They are blended with modern scientific knowledge to soothe the mind, awaken the senses, enliven and beautify the body.

In Aromatherapy therapeutic essential oils are carefully selected for its multiple benefits, as essential oils have a profound effect on mind, body and our emotions

Top notes like citrus oils of Mandarin and Neroli as well as being uplifting and energizing when applied on skin has amazing regenerative effects. Middle notes like Lavender and Geranium are balancing and promotes relaxation and on skin they help to normalize the secretion of sebum. Base notes including Ylang Ylang and Rose are euphoric and have strong aphrodisiac effects and on skin has remarkable anti-ageing properties.

An abundance of potent herbs have been incorporated in the preparation of our skin, body and hair care ranges.

The Chinese five elements theory- wood, fire, earth, metal, and water explains the effect of our emotions on our physical body.

Influenced by this philosophy we have developed the Kemara range for the 'Emotions' which includes five unique blends of essential oils for inhalation, bath and massage.

These blends helps us to deal with the most common emotions faced by us on a day to day basis such as stress,anger,anxiety ,grief etc.

Kemara Policy on Product Range

To be 100% natural. To maintain purity, quality, effectiveness and integrity.

The quality of our ingredients reflects the quality of our treatments. To ensure that this philosophy is adhered to at all times, we have adopted the following policies:

  • All products manufactured are blended and mixed in small batches, ensuring purity, quality and efficacy.
  • The raw materials we use are environmentally friendly, 100% natural, from renewable sources and should not damage or pollute the environment throughout their life-cycle (production, processing usage and disposal).
  • Use of essential oils, which are sourced with great care - organic, naturally farmed, or wild-crafted - and do not contain any synthetic materials, pesticides or fertilizer products. Our essential oils have the ECOCERT guarantee.
  • Use of latest ingredients, including Botanical CO2 extracts in a range of skin creams, oils and lotions. These minimise environmental pollution while research confirms that the application of these CO2 extracts on the skin significantly reduces both wrinkles and skin roughness.
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