Hot Stone Indulgence

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The ancient healing art of stone therapy using various massage techniques and warm stones relaxes the body at its deepest level and is effective in creating harmony and balance. The subtle energies of stones introduced into a treatment; calm the senses relax muscle tension and promote a meditative state. A beautiful blend of Cypress, Lavender, Juniper berry and Sandalwood essential oils are used to completely lull your senses.

As with the other massage therapies, hot stone massage is associated with many benefits. Some of the benefits are

  • Relaxation of tight and tensed muscles,
  • Deeply relaxing and stress reliving
  • Release toxins and eases aches and pains
  • By improving circulation throughout the body it promotes overall health. And wellbeing

In the view of the above benefits, hot stone massage is used as a therapy to relieve certain health problems such as arthritis, anxiety, stress, back pain, depression, insomnia and problems related to blood circulation.

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