Disenchanted with her desk job, alternative medicine piqued Kishani’s interest when she visited her aunt, a nurse in the UK. There she saw how aromatherapy—physical and emotional therapy using potent aromas—is amalgamated into medical care and its vast potential for complementary or alternative, natural treatments.

Kishani discovered in aromatherapy an inspiring and fruitful way of living. She introduced essential oils to her daily life and her family by extension, for washing, cleaning, medication, and relaxation from the time her teenage kids were babies.

With her brood as her in-house research subjects, she saw how nature’s powerful antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties prevented countless trips to the doctors and gave her family a calmer, more productive, and happier outlook to life.

Keen to share her good life story, Kishani set up the now highly respected and beautifully serene Kemara Life Spa and Wellness Centre. Efficacious pure essential oils are the foundation of all the products and services offered at Kemara, from personal care, beauty, cleaning, and cooking blends to a range of customizable spa treatments.

Twenty years down the line, her first-time customers are passing on Kemara’s 100% natural, non-toxic, and earth friendly lifestyle to their children, an evolution which Kishani sees as her ultimate goal.


With us, you sign up to the philosophy that prevention is better than cure. Integrating non-toxic, unadulterated products to your daily life lessens the baggage that our hard-working body and mind carry. Besides, Kemara’s highly therapeutic essential oils promote immunity, detoxification and stress-relief, starving illness before it strikes. The combination of products, treatments and clean cuisine complete the wholesome lifestyle that Kemara recommends.

Customer Care

Customer profiling plays a central role in all aspects of wellness at Kemara. Therapists treat every customer personally, taking into account their mental and physical make up on that day. Our services are based on meaningful consultations followed by blends and treatments that are tweaked for holistic lifestyle fulfillment. Kemara also collaborates with Sri Lanka’s leading naturopaths, nutritionists and physical coaches for solutions that require specialist attention.


Kishani is not secretive about the sources and blends of her treatment. By being open and honest, she invites customers to come on a journey with her, to better understand life, the Kemara way.

Kishani most enjoys educating her customers about what has worked so well for her. Many of her long-term clients make their own blends while returning to Kemara to re-stock. She also conducts workshops to teach parents how to maintain a first aid kit using essential oils combined with simple massage techniques and DIY blends for wellness at home. Other workshops inculcate aromatherapy, nutrition and exercise to manage stress, pregnancy and weight gain.


The Kemara Lifestyle

Kemara ultimately promotes sustainability for the body and mind. Every product and treatment is made with a lot of care and understanding to give customers the best chance of living a balanced life. Passing on these habits to the next generation is an essential part of our mandate.

Earth Friendly

We are keenly aware of the cycle of harm that pollution causes planet earth. None of our natural raw materials contain elements that clog up our waterways and abuse marine life. All our resources are tested for biodegradability and toxicity, using only what is absolutely earth friendly.


Our loyal customers support sustainability by bulk buying supplies in glass bottles and reusing and returning plastics that are recycled under strict regulations. Soon we will stop pasting labels on products and swap to label tags made out of recycled banana leaf to encourage easy reuse. Trials are also underway to introduce beauty products in frosted glass or wooden packaging.