Gluten, Grain, Dairy and Sugar Free

Food is medicine

Towards a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

Kemara cuisine was started as a way to help you eat better, without dieting or feeling deprived.

Our goal is to introduce our favorite foods like Lasagna, Waffles, crapes and wraps etc. and make them with healthy alternatives.

The goal in eating clean and healthy is that you come out lighter and fresher energized and more excited about every meal, but most importantly that you love the food. The thing is, we want this newfound healthy food to be something that you crave and that you look forward to eating all the time. We literally want you to fall in love with food again. We don’t want you to think that the food you love are off limits, but we want you to like the fresher vibrant alternatives

We are hoping Kemara cuisine would help you to achieve and maintain your healthy lifestyle goals, even when life gets busy.

At Kemara we are continually updating our menus, but we may keep some of the favorites as we continually bring healthy food to the table. We want to surprise you all the time by making those favorite ethnic dishes into something healthy and flavorful.

We take pride in using the abundance of fruits and vegetable available in Sri Lanka and only use fruits those which are in season so that it tastes great and also has a better value for you and the planet