Spa Treatments and Product Suggestions During Pregnancy

My first Trimester

The first three months of pregnancy are the most taxing for your body. Taking proper rest and relaxing is very important during this period.

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A gentle aromatherapy massage using specially selected essential oils would be greatly beneficial during this time. Helping you calm and relax, soothing aches and pains while nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

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Relaxation Lotion - 100ml

Nausea Inhalation - 5ml

Stretch Mark oil - 50ml



My second Trimester (Fourth to Sixth Months)

These months are accompanied by nausea, varicose veins, irritability and tiredness. This is the best time to start making the body more flexible and learn various techniques of relaxing and breathing. Aromatherapy oils and treatments can prove to be very advantageous and help relax better. At this time, one should religiously look after the skin. Taking care of the skin at this period of life will pay dividends later.

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Continuing your Aromatherapy treatments during this time can prove to be of great help especially to ease tension which is often present during pregnancy

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Varicose Veins Lotion - 100ml

Note: Try to avoid very hot baths as they can weaken the capillaries and cause little broken veins under the skin, particularly on the thighs. Pregnant women are extra vulnerable to these

Nourishing body oil - 50ml

My Third Trimester (Seven to Nine Months)

Final months. By this time, the woman carries an extra 6.75 Kilograms (15 pounds) or more of weight. One gets tired easily and often feels dizzy. Sleep may also become a problem as it is difficult to find a comfortable position in bed. Towards the end of pregnancy a lot of woman fined their hands and feet swell up especially during hot weather.

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Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

Manual Lymph massage is a very effective form of soft massage that aims to stimulate the Lymphatic system to remove congestion from within the body, resulting in the reduction of swelling and bloating. An ideal treatment for fluid retention

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Fluid Retention Lotion - 100ml

Perinea Oil - 50ml

Relaxation Lotion - 100ml

Labour and Labour Preparation

Increasingly women & Midwives are now using aromatic oils to calm & relax the mother during Labour, enabling the mother to maintain awareness and enjoy the last unique & pressures moments of the birth

Kemara home care

  • Labour Preparation and Labour Lotion (To be used in the last 2-3 weeks of Labour and Labour itself) - 100ml
  • Labour Inhalation drops - 5ml

A gentle massage can be given by your partner using the above lotion,2-3 weeks prior to Labour and Labour itself

  • With both hands, stroke gently up the spine, round the shoulder blades, then gently down the sides of the body. Repeat several times
  • Gently circle around the tummy with the flat of your hand in a clockwise direction. Do not apply any pressure. Think of this as a way to sooth and calm your partner. Repeat five or six times.
  • Place one hand on your partner's lower back, place the other hand on top, and allow the heat from your hands to build up. This is very soothing to a sore back.