Routine Routine Routine

The first principal of any skin care routine is not to disturb the skins normal function any more than you have to. Left to its self, the skin is a remarkable, self-cleansing and self-nourishing organ and both nourishing and cleansing come from the inside. The purpose of washing and cleansing is to take off surface grime, excess sebum and accumulated dirt regularly and efficiently, but never abrasively. The skin is a finely tuned and delicate structure, over enthusiastic cleansing procedures and very rich creams can upset it

kemara skin care range is formulated using natural and organic plant based raw materials to nurture your skin





Mask therapy

Sun care

Twice a day (once a day if skin is very sensitive)

Use after cleansing or to refresh

Twice weekly (Three times if over 35 years of age)

Morning and Night

Once a week

Every time the skin is exposed