Understanding Your Skin

‘No beauty can be a beauty today without a good skin’ Vogue 1935’

The type of skin you have is determined by two unalterables- your genes and your sex - governed by your age and effected by the environment.

It can also be enormously improved by the way you look after it. Skin care today means thinking 10, 20, and even 50 years ahead, protecting yourself against the harmful effects of sunlight, pollution and stress and having the wisdom to take the best from science and the natural world.

A good cosmetic allows the skin to function in harmony with both the inner you and the outer environment. This truly re-inforces the idea that how we look is more than surface appearance. We all want to look good and we use cosmetics to enhance our individual qualities. You will look your best if you take a natural approach, nurturing your skin and giving it a chance to perform its many functions. Deep cleansing, proper protection, gentle exercise, a balanced diet and fresh air will ensure that the skin will regenerate at its fullest capacity. Understanding your skin - that fascinating organ that make such a dynamic contribution to your health as well as your appearance. We explain the benefits of using the environment friendly and cruelty free products that encourage normal skin functions rather than risking the harmful effects of artificial preservatives, colouring and fragrances.

Your skin varies constantly in response to the inner and outer worlds. Different rhythms of the body and the environment will have a direct effect upon it. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and is the only organ exposed to the outside world. The skin on your face is exposed to the elements. All year round and adapts its self to different climatic conditions. It also mirrors changes in the body.

Healthy skin will change regularly, indicating that it is fulfilling its functions of protection, elimination, and absorption and heat regulation. The food we put in to our bodies has an influence on the skins health. What we apply to the skin is just as important- latest tests have discovered that chemical substances may be found in the urine within 30 minutes of application to the skin. It is important to nurture the skin and encourage harmony by adopting a holistic approach that is by treating the skin as an integral part of the whole body.