Your Skin Type And Kemara Solutions

Normal Skin

Normal skin is not at all normal. In fact, it is rarely seen on anyone other than very young children and a few adults- but you will know if you have got it. Normal skins are clear, soft and supple, uniformly textured and pigmented, neither too oily nor too dry and not over sensitive to climate, cosmetics or your own internal environment. This type of skin may be an inherited blessing but it still needs careful looking after.

Kemara solutions combine pure plant essences and active ingredients to help you maintain a radiant skin

Kemara solutions for Normal skin

Lemon cleansing lotion | Summer cooling mist | moisturizing vitamin cream | Softening night serum | Regenerative facial exfoliate | Rose gel face mask | Organic Chamomile Sun Block

Dry Skin

Dry skin is dull. Feels tight on washing- even with the mildest soaps- flakes, scales and chaps easily. It is more likely to protest on coming into contact with harsh chemical substances and will tend to make wrinkles look more prominent, although it will not actually cause them. Most skins tend to get drier as they get older.

Kemara dry skin solutions include effective moisturizers which will replace the moisture lost, while pure plant essences will normalize the production of natural sebum.

Kemara solutions for dry skin

Lavender Cleansing Cream | Rejuvenating toning mist | Moisturizing Vitamin Cream | Vitamin Booster Serum | Regenerative Exfoliate | Rose Gel face mask/Nourishing Pink Clay Mask | Organic Chamomile sun block

Oily Skin

Oily skin feels relaxed and supple, but looks shiny and is much more prone to out breaks of spots. This is because of a heightened production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. While we all need sebum on the surface of the skin in order to keep it lubricated and supple and to bind in moisture, too much sebum can cause a blockage in the duct, leading to inflammation and pimples.

The kemara balancing range is formulated with Green clays, balancing Pure plant essences and plant based active ingredients that help to normalize the production of oil from the sebaceous glands, resulting in clear normal skin.

Kemara solutions for oily skin

Grapefruit cleanser | Pore minimizing mist | Balancing Carrot lotion | Balancing Night serum | Regenerative Exfoliate | Cleansing clay mask | Organic Chamomile Sun Block

Combination skin

Usually one skin type predominates so that this is the one to treat. If the skin is clearly divided into oily and dry areas treat these areas separately with the correct kemara skin care products for each skin type.

Mature skin

Pure plant essences, vitamins and other active anti-oxidants used in the kemara skin care range is excellent for helping to preserve the youthful appearance of the skin and also for rejuvenating mature skin. These active ingredients help the regeneration of new skin cells. They also have preservation properties and help to prevent the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Kemara solutions for mature skin

Lavender Cleansing Cream | Rejuvenating toning mist | Pseudo Collagen Skin Firmer | Rejuvenating Night Serum | Regenerative facial exfoliate | Nourishing Pink Clay Mask | Organic Chamomile sun block