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Dry Damaged Hair

Four to thirteen per cent of healthy hair is water. Dry hair is usually symptomatic of dehydrating (loss of water content at cellular level) often caused by a lack of sebum on the hair. Dry hair not only looks dull and lifeless , but it is also much more susceptible to breakage and splitting due to its reduced elasticity. While a normal strand of hair may only stretch to an additional 30 per cent of its overall length before breaking, a dry strand of hair may only stretch about half as far, if that in other words, far less stress is required to break a dehydrated hair, for this reason, you should take steps to protect it from anti-chemical or mechanical means of stress such as brushing pulling or harsh styling.

Kemara solutions for dry damaged hair

Nourishing Hair serum -for structurally damaged and dry hair | Moisture Shampoo | Moisture Conditioner | Jojoba intensive cream treatment



Hair Loss

Temporary hair loss can be due to many factors.

In women it is commonly caused by hormonal fluctuation, such as while taking or coming off the contraceptive pill, during the menopause and most commonly, after a pregnancy.

Long Period of illness and being on medication

Poor diet

Stressful lifestyles etc.

Kemara Solutions for hair loss

Re-growth Hair Gel- A natural remedy for temporary hair loss. Use it twice a day for two months for best results. | Re growth hair oil - Use it twice a week after completing the above course | Re growth hair shampoo- Use it every time you wash your hair | Re- growth conditioner- Use after shampooing

Oily hair and scalp

Overactive sebaceous glands in the scalp produce excess sebum, which coats the hair, causing it to glisten with oiliness and to become limp and lank in appearance

Kemara solutions for Oily

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You cannot get the best from your hair if you do not have a healthy scalp. But do not automatically assume a scaling scalp means dandruff. A dry flaking scalp could indicate any of the following:

A generalized dry skin and hair condition; this can be treated with the kemara nourishing hair serum massaging the serum onto the scalp regularly.

Too much exposure to bright sunlight causing the scalp to burn and peel, just as with any other part of the body.

Commonly a residue left in the hair after shampooing or using hair spray or setting lotion. Leave hair spray and setting Lotions off your hair for a week or two

Kemara solutions for Dandruff

Oily dandruff - Kemara solutions please request for >customized blends | Dry dandruff-kemara solutions please request for > customized blends