Cradle Cap Massage Oil

To soften and loosen crusty scales on baby's scalp.

  • Size ml : 50

Product Type : New Born Baby
Price : Rs. 1250.00


A gentle massage oil made using pure unrefined Virgin Olive oil and Sweet Almond oil with therapeutic plant essences of Sandalwood and Cedarwood effectively softens and loosens the crusty scales on the scalp.

Directions to use

Apply on scalp massage in well and leave it overnight. Rub scales off when washing the hair next morning with kemara Calendula Baby Shampoo.

Key Ingredients

  • Olive oil: It is softening and soothing treats dry, scaly and irritated scalps
  • Pure plant essence of Sandalwood: Emmolient,soothes an irritated scalp
  • Pure plant essence of Cedarwood: Softens and gently lifts scales on the scalp

Bonus Effects

  • Pure plant essence of Sandalwood: is relaxing oil, calms fretfulness
  • Pure plant essence of Cedarwood: is a powerful antiseptic