Happiness Massage Oil

  • Size ml : 3.38
  • Weight : 121g

Product Type : Aromas and Emotions
Price : Rs. 1995.00


A beautiful, uplifting blend to bring joy to the heart and soul. Help cleans and detoxify the mind, body and spirit to bring newness of thought and being. Used regularly, this blend will help to push out the old and enable new beginnings

Directions to use

Use oil to massage or apply on whole body especially whole of back. neck and shoulders

Key Ingredients

  • Pure plant essence of Frankincense: Used since antiquity for its anti-depressant qualities having a calming effect on the emotions
  • Pure plant essence of Rosewood It has an uplifting effect on the emotions a wonderful oil for those who are depressed and dragged down in life

Bonus Effects

  • Pure plant essence of Frankincense: It has a tonic effect on the skin slowing down the appearance of wrinkles and minimizes scars
  • Pure plant essence of Rosewood: stimulates the production of healthy new skin cells minimizing the appearance of stretch marks