Contouring Body Detox Gel

Breaks down toxins and detoxifies

  • Size ml : 200
  • Size fl oz : 6.76

Product Type : Body Detox
Price : Rs. 2135.00


Effective in reducing the visible effects of cellulite by breaking down toxins and reducing fluid. This concentrated gel with detoxifying and cleansing essential oils of Graepfruit, Juniper berry, Rosemary,Cedarwood and Cypress absorbs instantly tightens and firms the skin. Use with Kemara Green Tea or Dead Sea Salt scrub to maximize results.

Directions to use

Apply on body, especially the thighs using a firm upward movement.

Key Ingredients

  • Grapefruit:it effectively eliminates toxins reducing fluid retention and cellulite
  • Juniper Berry: Diuretic and detoxifying action of Juniper stimulates the eliminaon of waste from within the body helping in the treatment of cellulite
  • Cypress: is very astringent and helps with fluid retention and odema
  • Cedarwood: It has a tonic and stimulant action on the Lymphatic system

Bonus Effects

  • Pure plant essence of Grapefruit: helps to relieve stress and is a natural anti depressant
  • Pure plant essence of Juniper Berry: Has a cleansing effect mentally and emotionally easing anxiety
  • Cypress: relieves nervousness and anxiety
  • Pure plant essence of Rosemary: promotes mental clarity