Kemara Re-Growth treatments for hair Loss

TIME : 45 MIN (Rosemary Tonic oil) | PRICE : Rs. 3250 , TIME : 45 MIN (Bio Energizer and Peppermint)

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Price : Rs. 3250.00


Rosemary Tonic Oil Treatment

Rosemary and Ylang-ylang oils which tone and stimulate hair follicles, strengthen capillaries and encourage healthy hair growth are used in this very specialized Indian head massage that is enhanced by the power of ancient Ayurveda Oils

Treatment includes:

  • Application of oil
  • Indian head massage

Bio Energizer and Peppermint Tonic Treatment

Bio-Energizer is a plant algae well known for its stimulating properties. When enhanced with pure peppermint essential oil, it reduces hair fall and promotes growth.