Re Growth Gel with Rosemary and Ylang Ylang

A natural remedy for temporary hair loss, plant Algae, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang. Stimulates hair growth.

  • Size ml : 100
  • Size fl oz : 3.38

Product Type : Oils/ Balms/ Intensive Treatments
Specific Care : Hair Loss
Price : Rs. 2145.00


A gel base with Bio-Energizer a plant algae Activity tests have shown that the use of this product twice a day for two months increases the number of hairs by 10 % while increasing hair growth by 27%

Directions to use

Massage the gel onto the scalp twice a day, morning and night for 2 months. Use the Kemara Re-Growth Shampoo and Re-Growth Conditioner to enhance the effect.

Key Ingredients

  • Bio energizer: is natural remedy for hair loss, stimulating hair growth
  • D- Panthanol: creates a moisturising,protective film reducing the formation of damaged hair
  • Pure plant essence of Rosemary: scalp tonic promotes hair growth
  • Pure plant essence of Ylang Ylang: tonic to the scalp minimizing hair loss

Bonus Effects

  • The piercing quality Pure plant essence of Rosemary: helps with the common cold ,sinusitis and catarrh
  • Pure plant essence of Ylang-Ylang: has the ability to slow down rapid breathing and over-rapid heart beat