Skin Lightening Gel

Lightens general skin pigmentations

  • Size ml : 30
  • Size fl oz : 1.02

Product Type : Skin Lightening
Specific Care : Normal Skin
Price : Rs. 3995.00


A natural plant derivative together with Vitamin C and aromatic oils of Lemon, Lavender and frankincense effectively lightens the skin, Has excellent effects in producing an even skin tone, fighting age spots as well as general skin pigmentation disorders of the face and body.

Directions to use

Apply on neck and face twise a day morning and at night and leave on. Absorbs instantly you may experice a tightening effect. Do not expose to sun at least for two hours after application. Storage : In dark cool place

Key Ingredients

  • Skin lightener: A natural and preservative-free Skin Lightener used to lighten skin and to remove pigments.
  • Vitamin C: Reduces Pigmentation and protects against sunburn
  • Vitamin A: Increases the rate of skin turnover causing dry skin to be replaced by younger smoother skin.
  • Rosehip CO2 Extract: It stimulate cell growth therefore exceptionally valuable for scars and sun damaged skin.
  • Lemon Plant essence: It lightens and brightens dull & discolored skin
  • Lavender plant essence: stimulates the growth of new skin cells reducing scars and pigmentation

Bonus Effects

  • Pure plant essence of Lemon: pocesses excellent anti-aging properties
  • Pure plant essence of Lavender: calms and soothes the mind