Timeless Collection - Cellular Repair Mask

With organic bulgarian rose. Where aging stands still.

  • Size ml : 50
  • Size fl oz : 0.61

Product Type : Facial Masks
Specific Care : Mature Skin
Price : Rs. 5385.00


Repair damaged, aging skin while protecting it against further enviromental harm with the blend of organic nutrient-rich face mask. Ideal for all skin types, the formula reveals a smooth, radiant complexian. The raw plant ingrediants containing antioxidents, vitamins, enzymes and minerals repair and regenerate skin cells. Made with certified organic, biodynamic or ethically wild-crafted ingrediants.

Directions to use

Apply on neck and face. Leave on for 20 mins and wipe with a soft warm towel. Follow with kemara timeless collection Toner and Moisturizer. Use the mask once a week.

Key Ingredients

  • Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto- Known as the finest rose oil or “rose otto” in the world; The Rose Oil and Rose water have multiple skin care applications due to their well-known effects on improving skin tone and texture.
  • Vitamin c Reduces Pigmentation and protects against sunburn
  • Eco Cert Certified Hyaluronic Acid -Popularly called “The Fountain of Youth”, it is added for its skin rejuvenation properties. Hyaluronic acid is what gives the skin its volume and fullness. Its hydrating properties result in increased skin smoothness, and decreased wrinkles.
  • Lupine Peptides Called ‘botox in a jar’. They are derived from lupin flowers. It Help to renew the skin’s outer layer. Reduces the depth of wrinkles, Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin,

Bonus Effects

  • In Aromatherapy Rose Otto have multiple applications of calming the senses and balancing the emotions