Organic Tea Tree Shower Gel

Cleanses away bacteria, fungi and viruses

  • Size ml : 200
  • Size fl oz : 6.76

Product Type : Bath & Shower
Price : Rs. 1615.00


A highly antiseptic shower gel with organic Tea Tree oil successfully treats acne and other skin infections, whether they are bacterial, fungal, or viral. Effective, safe and natural.

Directions to use

For best results, squeeze onto sponge or loofah, lather, then rinse. Add to running water for a moisturizing bubble bath.


Key Ingredients

  • Pure plant essence of Tea Tree:
    an excellent antiseptic and anti-infectious plant essence, heals acne and other skin problems

Bonus Effects

  • Tea Tree oil can also be used to help soothe occasional skin irritations
  • The purifying properties of Tea Tree oil aren’t just good for hair and skin, you can also
    use Tea Tree oil to keep your fingernails and toenails looking and feeling healthy