Natural Mineral Sunscreen with soothing Chamomile

All over protection with organic Calendula and healing Lavender.

  • Size ml : 100


Product Type : 1 Year – 10 Years
Specific Care : All Skin Types
Price : Rs. 2695.00


The tender skin of infants and toddlers needs extra measures of protection and care.
The Kemara Sun Body Screen combines Zinc Oxide the safest natural sunscreen with the broadest spectrum currently available in the market, with Sesame Oil to protect the body against the damaging rays of the sun. Therapeutic oils of Chamomile, Lavender and Sandalwood further heals and soothes inflamed skin.

Directions to use

Apply on whole body.

Key Ingredients

  • Zinc Oxide: the safest natural sunscreen with the broadest spectrum available in the market. Effectively blocks out UVA and UVB rays
  • Sesame Oil: Has a natural sun protector factor absorbs ultraviolet light.
  • Lavender: essential oil is soothing, calms inflammation
  • Chamomile: has a cooling effect on the skin

Bonus Effects

  • Pure plant essence of Lavender: deeply relaxing promotes sound sleep