100% Natural Deodorant

With Pure Essential Oils of Bergamot, Petitgrain and Litsea.

  • Size ml : 100
  • Size fl oz  : 3.38

Product Type : Deodorants
Price : Rs. 1995.00


Free of aluminium, our natural and organic deodorant won't clog pores, as they make use of plant ingrediants that neutralize foul smelling bacteria without irritating or harming the body. A beautiful citrus scent you and your body will love.

Directions to use

Spray underarms at the start of a day or as needed. You may experience a slight tingly feeling. Effect of deodorant lasts for 5-6 hours.

Key Ingredients

  • Deo Crystal– Made of Potassium Alum a safe raw material when used gives protection up to 12 hours by both preventing the growth of bacteria and reducing the amount of sweat produced
  • Lemon Esther- A safe deodorant ingredient that reduces PH of the skin making it more acidic and thereby less prone to growing bacteria
  • Farnesol- Natural ingredient extracted from palmarosa and chamomile essential oils it kills the bacterial that makes the sweat smell unplesant

Bonus Effects

  • Pure plant essences of Litsea: refreshing and uplifting.
  • Pure Plant essences of Bergamot: is uplifting, relaxing and refreshing.
  • Pure plant essences of Petit Grain: is relaxing and rejuvenating.