Rejuvenating Rose Mist

Regenerating and calming

  • Size ml : 100
  • Size fl oz : 3.38

Product Type : Toning Mists
Specific Care : Dry Skin (Face) / Normal Skin
Price : Rs. 2635.00


A hydrating mist, rich in the living energy of organic rose to restore, tone and hydrate. Leaves the skin balanced and refreshed. Includes pure aloe Vera which is regenerating and calming for the skin.

Directions to use

Spray onto moist cotton wool apply on neck and face and follow with Kemara Moisturizer.

Key Ingredients

  • Rose Water: pocesses soothing, cooling & anti-inflammatory properties
  • D- Panthenol: Creates a protective film and makes skin soft
  • Sandalwood plant essence: Emollient calms and soothes dry and dehydrated skin
  • Pure plant essence of Rose Geranium: Refreshes and moisturizes dull and tired skin.

Bonus Effects

  • Pure plant essence of Organic Rose water: soothes tired and heavy eyes
  • Pure plant essence of Sandalwood: eases anxiety and tension