Rejuvenating Night Serum

Restore skin's youthful vitality

  • Size ml : 30
  • Size fl oz : 1.02

Product Type : Night Serums
Specific Care : Dry Skin (Face) / Mature Skin
Price : Rs. 6860.00


A Highly effective skin repairing and de-aging serum reputed for its ability to combat the aging process. Includes a potent concetration of botanical CO2 plant extracts, vitamins and rich plant essences of neroli, Frankincense and Bitter Orange This regenrative serum also effectively reduces age spot.

Directions to use

Apply on neck and face and massage it in.

Key Ingredients

  • Borage Oil: Has a moisture retaining effect, prevents drying of the skin and increases the cells ability to absorb oxygen
  • Moringa Oil: An excellent antioxidant, It also has cleaansing,emollient and nourishing properties.
  • Sea Buckthorn co2 extract: Alleviates sunburn, promotes cell rejuvenation and provides an elegant skin feeling
  • Rosehip Co2 Extract: Rosehip oil repairs scar tissue and treats lines and wrinkles
  • Echium Co2 Extract: reduces skin inflammation , and pocesses excellent Anti aging properties
  • Neroli: rejuvenates the skin and improves skin elasticity
  • Frankincense: Slows down the appearance of wrinkles

Bonus Effects

  • Frankincense: acts as an anti depressant