Moisture Shampoo with Argan and Lavender

Deeply Moisturizes, gives sparkle, shine and bounce to hair

  • Size ml : 200
  • Size fl oz : 8.12
  • Weight : 238g

Product Type : Shampoo
Specific Care : Dry/ Damaged Hair
Price : Rs. 2650.00


Contains a potent mix of Honey Moisturizer, Sea Silk, Phytokeratin and Omega Oil which have excellent moisture-binding properties; they penetrate the hair shaft and scalp quickly to provide serious nutrition as well as help

Directions to use

Apply sufficient amount on scalp and hair, lather and wash. Follow with Kemara Moisture Conditioner.


Key Ingredients

  • Borage oil: is the strongest natural source of a fatty acid known as gamma-linoleic acid or GLA. This fatty acid is a masterful anti-inflammatory agent, battling scalp irritations and circulation issues that disrupt your follicles, keeping them from growing thick voluminous hair
  • Phytokeratin: An excellent plant sourced alternative to animal keratin for hair care it gives plant based amino acids in the same proportions as those found in our hair. Also adds sparkle, shine and bounce to hair
  • Geranium plant essence: balances the production of sebum in the skin normalizing dry hair and scalp
  • Lavender plant essence: deeply moisturizes scalp and hair

Bonus Effects

  • Pure plant essence of Geranium: is a valuable anti-depressant
  • Pure plant essence of Lavende: A delightful aroma calming and soothing to mind ,body and spirit