Moisture Conditioner with Vitamin E and Sandalwood

Quench dry, damaged hair with Lavender infused formula leaves hair soft and smooth.

  • Size ml : 200
  • Size fl oz : 6.76

Product Type : Conditioner
Specific Care : Dry/ Damaged Hair
Price : Rs. 2925.00


This unique moisture and nutrient rich conditioner includes D-Panthenol from Manuka Honey, it is an excellent moisturizer for both skin and hair and is enhanced with therapeutic oils of Geranium and Lavender for dry damaged hair, adds the proper balance of moisture

Directions to use

Apply sufficient amount on hair and comb through with fingers. Leave on for 2 -3 minutes and rinse. Can also be used as a leave-on conditioner.


Key Ingredients

  • Vitamin E Oil: Stimulates the growth of healthy new skin cells, softens and Conditions scalp and hair
  • D-Panthenol :It is an excellent moisturizer for both skin and hair
  • Geranium plant essence: Balances the production of sebum regulating dry damaged hair
  • Sandalwood plant essence: Soothes dry damaged hair and irritated scalps

Bonus Effects

  • Pure plant essence of Sandalwood: brings a soothing calming influence to skin, mind and body.
  • Pure plant essence of Lavender: Deeply relaxing promotes sound sleep
  • Pure plant essence of Geranium: is a valuable anti-depressant